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Introducing "GrafCompounder 5.0," an advanced AI Program designed to empower rubber compounders. This innovative tool accurately predicts formulas and properties of rubber compounds by leveraging a comprehensive compound database. But its utility doesn't stop at rubber: It extends its predictive capabilities to TPEs, Thermoplastics, Polyurethanes, and various other compounds, provided a relevant recipe collection is available. However, it's crucial that the database formulas are normalized to polymers.

What sets GrafCompounder apart is its remarkable ability to calculate compound formulas and properties based on data inputs. Predictions can be driven by criteria of your choosing or aligned with selected specifications, all while adhering to a single condition: criteria must fall within the minimum and maximum values of ingredients and properties in the recipe data collection. Remarkably, the data collection itself is subject to minimal restrictions (for more information, refer to our FAQs).

In the realm of rubber compounding and processing, it's counterproductive for compounds archived once a project concludes. This wastage denies the opportunity to leverage past experiences for further compound refinement, optimization, or even prompt responses to customer requests.

This software tool transcends the simplicity of a mere search tool. It unlocks the reservoir of experience embedded within the compound data base. Over time, multiple endeavors were launched to harness the potential of historically grown compound databases for advancing compound development, but several attempts, if not most met with disappointment. The emergence of GrafCompounder marked a turning point. It wielded a database query, a multi-target query to be precise, conducting parallel searches and intricate calculations to craft compound formulations aligned with the sought-after criteria. These criteria could encompass ingredient compositions or property attributes. The upshot of this intricate calculation is a compound formula that excels in meeting all specifications or strikes an optimal balance. A notable distinction from conventional AI programs is that the underlying data employed in these calculations can be meticulously traced back to the primary dataset. This traceability empowers the pruning of dubious data sets and the rectification of database errors.

GrafCompounder streamlines the process of leveraging historical data, allowing for accurate simulation and prediction of recipes from diverse compound databases.shows an easy and fast way to make use of historic data and finally to simulate and predict a recipe from any compound database.

Explore more about my endeavors, including Consultancy, Training, and Education in Rubber Compound Development & Processing, by visiting my personal website: Hans-Joachim-Graf. Delve into specialized training that covers the application of GrafCompounder, either independently or in conjunction with Statistical Experimental Design (DoE), within the realms of rubber development, processing, and manufacturing.


ACCURATE DATA, EXPERIENCE, AND SOFTWARE are essential for the successful simulation of compound formulas along with their associated properties.
This challenge is ubiquitous across various types of simulations: devoid of interpretation and analysis, we're left with nothing more than aesthetically pleasing data and graphs. However, armed with expert knowledge, simulation transforms into an invaluable toolbox for developers.
The GrafCompounder 5.0 was unveiled in July 2023.

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Cost-Reduction in Rubber Processing,
H.-J. Graf, Editor,
Published by TechnoBiz Communications Co. LTD, Bangkok, Thailand, March 2014 ISBN 978-616-90836-9-6

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